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Consumer Directed Service Facilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become eligible?

Eligibility starts at the Department of Social Services in your respective city/county. You can also call the Health Department in order to be screened for the Long-Term Support Services (LTSS) waiver, you can find the number on our resources page.

Which services do I use?

There are two types of LTSS services that provide personal attendant care and respite care. 

  • Agency Directed Services: These services are when the agency you have selected hires and assigns an attendant from their company in order to perform personal or respite care. 
  • Consumer Directed Services: These services are when the consumer or individual who is receiving LTSS waiver services becomes their own employer. With the help of a Service Facilitator, the E.O.R is not ready to hire their own attendant for personal or respite services. The attendant is paid by Medicaid instead of by an agency. 

Home Staffing Solutions ONLY provides Consumer Directed Service Facilitation. We DO NOT have a staff to send to your home. 

What documents do I need to send to you?

Before we can meet with you we will need some documents sent to us. We need the UAI, the DMAS 96, and the DMAS 97. These documents can be obtained by your social worker, your health department screener, or a previous agency/service facilitator. You can securely fax or email these documents to us.

If you would like to get services started you can do that here.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, once we have received the documents we require we will contact you to set up our first appointment. You should plan on an hour to an hour and a half so that we may have enough time to develop the Plan of Care.

Who needs to be at the appointment?

The person receiving LTSS waiver services, otherwise known as the Consumer, must be present at all appointments. The Employer of Record, or E.O.R, must also be present. The attendant can be present but it is not necessary. 

What is a Plan of Care?

The Plan of Care, or P.O.C., is a plan that the Service Facilitator creates with the Consumer and their family to determine how care is provided to the Consumer and how long that care takes. This plan of care is designed to ensure that the Consumer can safely stay in their home rather than in a nursing facility.

How often are the service facilitator meetings?

You will have to meet with the service facilitator for the initial visit. There will be two follow-up appointments within 60 days of the initial visit. Additional visits will be determined by the plan of care.   

How do I become an attendant/EOR?

The process to become an E.O.R. involves completing an E.O.R. packet, this must be done before an attendant completes their packet. An attendant must complete an application request in order to receive their attendant packet. Depending on your insurance provider the packet could come from one of three companies; Aces$Public Partnerships Limited (PPL), and Consumer Direct Care Network of Virginia (CDCN). They will either be mailed or you can complete online enrollment.

My hours were reduced/denied, what do I do?

If your hours were reduced/denied you can appeal the decision. The appeals process will be in the letter of denial. You can also contact your CCC+ care coordinator.

What is the rate of pay/hours?

Currently the rate of pay is $9.40 per hour. The amount of hours an attendant can work is determined by the Plan of Care. It is then sent off to your insurance company for approval. The insurance company has the final say on the amount of hours an attendant can work. Respite hours are a calendar year benefit of 480 hours per year. These hours do not roll over, if you do not use them then you lose them. Not everyone qualifies for respite, your Service Facilitator can assist you in determining if you qualify for respite hours.

What if I do not have a smartphone for time keeping?

You can use a tablet or computer that supports the application needed for timekeeping. The application is dependent on your insurance company. 

How do I contact you?

Our phone number is (757) 706-4584 and you can call anytime between our hours of 9-5 Monday-Friday. If we do not answer feel free to leave a message, our voicemail is secure and safe. You can also use the contact us feature on our homepage. We also have a fax number (855) 208-5055.

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